Does your tummy feel bloated or uncomfortable?  Are you tired all the time?  Stressed?  overwhelmed?  Have your eating habits gone off track or are you unsure what you should be eating for optimal health and vitality?

Or do you want to improve your athletic or mental performance and take your health to the next level?

If you are an athlete, I guide you through what to eat and more importantly when to eat for optimum performance.

If you suffer with your digestive health, I combine my extensive knowledge of the gut microbiome together with practical tools such as abdominal massage and colonic hydrotherapy.

I am a nutritional therapist trained in functional medicine which addresses the underlying causes of ill health, often with the aid of laboratory testing including the very latest DNA testing.  This analyses a person’s genetic variants along with their environment to assess how they are currently expressing their genes (called epigenetics).  All of the tools I use are an evolution in the practice of nutrition that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century.

The colonic hydrotherapy takes place in the privacy of my home in Barnstaple, north Devon where you are given plenty of time to discuss your aims, have a relaxing treatment and get all the advice and support you need.  Nutrition coaching can be done remotely via the use of Skype.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you master your health.


Please call me on 07792 765544, email hazel@love-your-guts.co.uk or visit my Facebook page hazelradford.loveyourguts.


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